Good Company, Good Job, Good Money: those are not good!

The common mistake done by people when they are educated, or at least feel they are, is trying hard to find a good job; a status which they get through an endless, tough effort.
One point that obvious is they seem to admire position in the job field they are in rather than the job opportunities they produce. People with high degree of education think that the position they gain is everything. They tend to do whatever it takes to be in the position they admire and when they are in, they hold on to what they have gained.
People with high degree seem to lose their creativity; that is another reason. Most workers in offices are now educated. Most job seekers hold a handful of certificates to show that they are educated. Therefore, highly educated people obviously lose their freedom of thinking; unfortunately, they do not really realize that they do. Those people, with thousands of certificates that they have in hand should have thought something else or explored their brain.
The money they get in the institution where they work is believed to reflect their success. Those people do not think that they actually can do better rather than just walking around carrying a sack of certificates to find a good job. They must think that the best job to do is to provide as many job vacancies as possible, a job which offers a freedom of thinking.
Considering that status in the institution where you are is not enough if you are educated, those educated people should use their brilliant brains for they have the capacity to do many things better.

An ANALYTICAL EXPOSITION gives the writer an opporunity to write his/her thought, point of view, or arguments in order to persuade the readers that something is the case.
This kind of text is started by a THESIS in which the writer exposes his opinion concerning certain idea. A thesis should also introduce the readers to the whole text.
Some ARGUMENTS may follow. Arguments give the readers opportunity to understand the writer’s supporting statements toward the topic. In short, this parts contain the writer’s supporting statements and their elaborations.
The REITERATION concludes the whole exposition. It also restates the writer’s main topic stated in the previous thesis. This part is extremely important for it is aimed at emphasizing the writer’s opinion toward the issue.


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